Excitement, Life, and a YCN Award!

Friday, June 15, 2012

You may have noticed that I haven't made many posts recently, and I guess I could blame it on being really busy with the exhibition and finalising everything, but really I think i've just been lazy.

So here is a post letting you know what it is that is happening at the moment -

My time at uni is officially over, which is sad in some respects as I have really enjoyed my time there, but I am mostly filled with excitement and enthusiasm when I think about what the big wide world has in store for me. (I hope its something fun!)

At the moment my life consists of sitting around drawing type and applying for jobs, so far no luck on the job front, but I have got a fair amount of freelance work to be getting on with so hopefully that can tide me over for a while. It's not very long now until I am heading down to London for a week to spend some time with a very good friend who I don't see enough of these days, and to exhibit my work at D&AD's New Blood event. All very exciting really!

Just today I found out that I have been awarded with a commendation from YCN for my entry to 'The Feel Good Drinks Company' advertising brief, which involves another trip down to London, this time in September, for the awards evening, which should be such a lovely experience, I can't wait! This also means that my work will be featured in the upcoming YCN Student Awards annual!

You can view my entry here.

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