Top 3 Hand Moisturisers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Being a designer I work at a desk all day, in an office, under an air conditioning unit. This is a bad combination when it comes to keeping hands soft and hydrated as I find air con really dries out my skin, so I find myself constantly reaching into my makeup bag for chapstick or a good dollop of hand cream. Here are my top 3 moisturisers I wouldn't be without..

#3 Burts Bees Naturally Ageless Skin Smoothing Hand Cream

I am a longstanding Burts Bees fan, I always have at least one (often 3 or more!) of their chapsticks in my bag, and I love the natural ingredients they use in their products. I have been using this hand cream for a while now, and it really does a fantastic job, it does have quite a thick consistency so you only need a small amount for each application.
This cream includes pomegranate oil (to fight signs of aging) as I am 23 this isn't the reason I bought the product, but its a plus if it works I guess! It also contains shea butter (for moisturising) and lactic acid (to help even out skin tone).

"Our luxurious cream delivers antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Oil to help fight the signs of aging. Shea Butter moisturizes while Lactic Acid helps even out your skin texture. Leaving you with smooth, soft, naturally ageless hands."

Unfortunately the smell is an unusual one.. and by unusual I mean pungent. I am not offended by strong smelling creams so it doesn't put me off, but I tend to only use this one at night so not to upset anyones noses! Burts don't seem to have this product listed on their UK site anymore, although it is available on their US one. It is available from various UK retailers though:

+Burt's Bees

#2 Soap and Glory Hand Food

The much raved about, everyones favourite, Soap and Glory hand food! I have to admit I am an avid user of all things Soap and Glory (quite possibly one of my favourite beauty brands, especially their cosmetics range). I do really like using this product, it has that distinctive Soap-and-glory-sweeties-and-marshmellowy scent and a lovely smooth thick texture which doesn't leave your hands too slippery.
This product needs minimal applying for the desired results, as the rich cream keeps hands soft for ages - but you will find yourself applying it more often than you need just to get a whiff of that delicious scent!

"Contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Scented with our original pink fragrance. the most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!"

Hand food comes in two sizes - I have one for home and a handbag sized one that I take with me on the go, which is great as it fits nicely in my makeup bag.

£5.50 - Boots
+SoapandGlory +Boots UK

#1 Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Hand Cream

Totally my favourite everyday hand cream, Figs & Rouge have cracked it with such a lovely light scented moisturiser which is non greasy and has a distinctive silky texture. Being 100% natural and packed with skin benefitting ingredients, it is a great product for daily use - making your hands feel pampered but without the usual 'sticky hand cream residue'.

"Enriched with rich coco butter, natural antioxidants and algae extract for protection against daily elements. Infused with glycerine and ginseng to soften and nourish throughout the day. It has a unique non-greasy concentrated formula for smooth, softer hands, nails and cuticles."

One of my favourite ingredients in a moisturiser is coco butter, which is one of the reasons I was originally drawn to this product, coupled with antioxidants and essential oils, this makes it my ultimate air-con battered hands saviour!
(I also highly recommend their French Vanilla clear lip balm, and pomegranate natural balm)


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