Glossybox Festival Edit Review

Monday, June 08, 2015

My favourite day.. Glossybox day! This month is the 'festival' edit.. Festivals aren't really my cup of tea, so I was a bit worried that there was going to be some crazy things in here, but I needn'tf have worried..

First up, flash tattoos! I am a lover of all things gold so these are right up my street! Perfect for festivals, I can imagine these looking fantastic on a tanned arm accompanying a festival band and a plastic cup of cider and black. Although the designs and idea I think are super cute, I doubt these would be something I would wear myself, as I have tattooed wrists as it is, I think it could look a little messy and over the top. I do have a plan for these little beauties though, I used to buy transfer tattoos to use on my nails and cover in a clear topcoat..these are ideal! I wilł update once I have given this a go!

Essence 'the gel' nail polish in my box I got no.18 'I don't care!' Which is a coral-red colour. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, I wasn't expecting much from a £1.71 nail polish, but it went on with good coverage and dried pretty quick! I am yet to see how long it lasts before it chips, but so far so can't go wrong for that price!

Kueshi anti cellulite booster I am quite interested to see how this product delivers, as it is fast approaching shorts weather (well saying that it is June and currently raining..) I wouldn't mind a little confidence boost in the form of an anti cellulite magic wand - this might be the closest I will get! No matter how many squats I do or how much I work out, I do always have problem areas on my thighs as I'm sure most do, so I will be using this and monitoring any progress. I don't think this will be a quick fix though, and don't forget the most important thing in fighting cellulite is staying hydrated.

Halo fragrance free facial wipes these wipes are just the ultimate essential in travelling, wether it be a couple of nights in a tent, or a weekend away in a hotel. Ideal to keep in your handbag too!

Monu spa rosewood reviving mist I am pretty happy to receive this little gem in my box, as it's not just great for reviving your skin whilst out in the sun, for me it is going to be a godsend for when it gets hot in the office and the air-con is on its brutal mission to dry out my face! Also a great bonus is all the lovely ingredients in there, making it gentle on your skin and it smells delicious.

I hope next month Glossybox decide to add in some cosmetics, I would love to see a new shimmery eyeshadow to highlight my eyes on summery nights out!

Rachy x

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