Too Faced Lip Injection Review

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Wow, I really haven't written a post for a seriously long amount of time..

There are all kinds of fantastic things I have to post about since last time, and I am hoping to introduce a monthly glossy box review aswell! (Providing I have time) My life is pretty busy as always, with work, exercise classes, running, more work, catching up with my other half, and of course making time for the odd cocktail..or three! But with my acquisition of an iPad (eventually jumped on the bandwagon- basically I just like buying things I don't really need) writing my blog will be an awful lot quicker and more convenient for on the go writing.
If you do want to find out what I'm upto, the best bet is to follow my Instagram far my favourite social media platform!

For my first post back I thought I would review a lip-plumper/lipstick I have been using lately from one of my favourite brands, the one and only Too Faced. (Insert horrified and distraught reaction from when I went into boots recently and discovered that they had got rid of their Too Faced counter. I am genuinely in mourning.)

Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb
I recently picked up one of these in 'Eastwood Red' and then a couple of days later couldn't resist getting it in 'Bigger Berry' too! Too Faced claim 'up to 20%' more 'volume' and as I am a huge fan of their 'Glamour Gloss' which has a great plumping effect I sort of knew what to expect..

The texture is silky smooth, goes on so smoothly with an even coat of colour without the slidy texture you get with some's almost like a lip balm that packs a hell of a punch! Once applied, as it is a plumper you of course expect that tingling sensation, which some people find uncomfortable but it only lasts a few seconds and it is in no way as tingly as some other lip plumping products I have tried in the past. I have to admit, it really does make your lips look fuller!

The two colours I got are the brightest ones in the range, as I usually prefer to have a bold statement lip, paired with my winged liner. The Eastwood Red is one of the more flattering shades of red I have tried, makes your teeth look freshly whitened! Bigger Berry is a lovely purple-red colour, I have had lots of compliments while wearing this colour.

I am always on the lookout for new lip products to try, let me know your favourites!

Rachy x

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