Daily eyebrow routine, big brows are beautiful!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Brows are the most important part of my makeup routine, with a little tlc and the help of some fantastic products, it's super quick and easy to get perfect brows each morning..even when I have slept in! Below is my 'before' and 'after' (excuse my tired eyes!)

The first step in my routine is to neaten up the shape of my brows, for this I use my trusty Tweezerman tweezers.. I must admit they do live up to the hype, they are costly but they do an amazing job of gripping hairs that you can barely see, and when they start to get blunt you can post them off to Tweezerman and they will sharpen them and send them back to you, for free!

make sure I use the good old fashioned method of measuring my brow by resting the tweezers down the side of the nose (to measure where to start the brow) moving the tweezer at an angle from the side of the nose to over the pupil (to determine the arch) and then from the side of the nose in line with the outer corner of the eye (to ensure the end of the brow is in the right place).

At the moment my favourite products to use are from the Billion Dollar Brows range. I alternate between these three brushes when applying the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder in Taupe, using an angled brush for the edges (ecotools angled eyeliner brush or real techniques angled brush) and the filling in with BIllion Dollar Brows smudge brush, so the product doesn't go on too heavy and look overpowering.

Finally, to make sure all this hard work stays put all day, I finish off with a sweep of Billion Dollar Brows Hint of a Tint brow gel in Taupe. This works a treat for me as one side of my right eyebrow likes to stick out, so the brow gel does a great job of sticking it in place and keeping it under control! I love this gel, I remember years ago the only method I could use to keep this unruly eyebrow tamed was a tiny dab of clear nail varnish!

What is your favourite eyebrow product? 

Rachy xx

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