Tresemme Max The Volume Hairspray Review

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My hair is long, naturally very thick and wavy. Since my hair is long (and lightened on the ends) the ends are usually slightly drier - and seem to hold volume better than the top sections, which are being pulled flat by the weight of the rest! So naturally, my main issue when styling my hair is I struggle to get volume at the roots.

Tresemme very kindly sent me a 300ml bottle of their new 'Max The Volume - Pumped up body' Creation Hairspray, and I couldn't wait to try it out!

I straightened my hair yesterday and the 'before' picture on the left is after having it tied up for most of the day - so its starting to become bushy on the ends and flat on the top. At this point - I struggle to get volume at the roots, usually backcombing it in sections does a great job, but I can never make the volume stay for any longer than a few minutes! I continued my usual routine of sectioning my mass of hair, and gently backcombing sections and spraying the roots as I went.

I have used Tresemme products in the past, and have always had positive experiences with them so I was holding high hopes for this hairspray, and I have to say that honestly, it really didn't dissapoint!

It has a lovely clean scent, nothing too chemically, but not overly perfumed either. I noticed how little of the product I actually needed to use to keep my hair in place - and what a hold it has! Really impressive hold from such a small amount of product, but without that 'hardened' or 'sticky' feeling, which is ideal, especially with long hair. 

As you can tell from the pictures, once I had done a little backcombing and applied the product, the volume at my roots is really noticeable, evening out my hair but not looking too 'bushy'. As I only needed to do the roots and add a couple of quick curls to the lower lengths, the 'volume' looks pretty impressive.

Another major plus point for me is the fact that it brushes out SO easily - which is bizarre considering you feel like it has such a strong hold that only a sledgehammer would remove it.. once brushed out (may I add with minimum tangling and knotting which I usually encounter every time I brush my hair) my hair was left feeling soft and bouncy.

Overall I was very impressed with the product - and It will now be my go-to hairspray. I would say I just need to find a travel sized one for nights out, but I don't even think it would be necessary to re-apply, bonus!

Thanks Tresemme x

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