VS Fragrance Mist - my new obsession..

Monday, August 31, 2015

I like to alternate between the fragrances I wear, currently I switch between Illamasquas 'Freak' (this is my fave so I just don't want it to run out, I usually save this for nights out) Moschino 'Toujours Glamour', and my old favourite Ghost 'Sweetheart'. All of these have different notes so I usually switch depending on my mood that day.

While I was in Victoria's Secret this weekend, I thought I would pop by the fragrance section to see if anything took my fancy.. And I really fell for the 'scandalous' eau de parfume. Whilst debating wether or not I should buy it (I didn't this time but probably will do in the future), I noticed a growing crowd surrounding the shelves behind me, and never one to want to miss out, I went to have a look and smell what all the fuss was about.

There were four large shelves packed with lovely bottles in all colours, I would of usually bypassed this section as I thought that 'body mists' we're still only for teenagers in the gym locker rooms (naive I know). I was instantly proved wrong when I picked one up and got a whiff though. Wow, how can a 'mist' pack such a beautiful, sweet, delicious punch? At this point I realised that the growing crowd surrounding me was justified, although totally off-putting. However I was not deterred..

So, to cut to the chase - I fell in love with not just one of these mists, I actually bought five, because they are damn fantastic, and as I mentioned before I like to switch it up with my perfume so what a great way to do it! I am going to write a brief review of my favourite one for now, or I really will be here all day..

The mists come in 250ml plastic bottles, and have a good seal on them so no chance of spilling them into your handbag. I have been applying the mist as I would a perfume, but I will also be using it to spritz my clothes when packing/unpacking my weekend bag (currently I have been using the body shops vanilla for this) and I might even spray the inside of my car because I love the smell so much! Since leaving the store I have been wearing 'love spell' constantly. The scent is somewhere between sweet floral and juicy and a packet of Parma violets, deeeelicious! As it says in their description - A flirty, floral fragrance. Hypnotise in love spell, a vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach - refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe Vera and calming chamomile. 

I am truly obsessed, and I can't wait to wear the other 4 fragrances I have too! I can't believe no one has told me about these before, I am in love!

Rachy xx

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