My Natural Beauty Go-To's

Monday, November 02, 2015

I have only recently been made aware of Glossier, a lovely beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life - creating the 'new essentials' easy-to-use-basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine. I love their concept - skincare as makeup - to enhance natural beauty, by perfecting and not concealing it!

Ever since discovering Glossier, I have been lusting after most of the products in their range - I am loving their 'Boy Brow' which is essentially everything you need for a quick and perfect brow in one wand - what more could you ask for?

Inspired by the idea of enhancing natural beauty, I could only really write a post listing my 'Natural Beauty' go-to products. I also challenged myself to embrace my natural beauty and focus as much time on skincare as I do applying makeup in the morning - I know i'm not the only one who sometimes lets a skincare routine fall by the wayside..

Firstly, can I just draw your attention to this fabulous new Limited Edition Mask Duo Set.

"A sweet treat for your skin, just because. Our limited edition Mask Duo Set includes six single serving pods of our best-selling detoxifying Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and six of our creamy dreamy Moisturising Moon Mask, formulated to complement each other to immediately boost both your skin and state of mind. Also included is a special Glossier-embroidered headband of the finest plushy softness. Suffice it to say this makes for a pretty awesome gift."

This set would make a fantastic Christmas gift, perfect for recreating a spa facial feeling at home - over and over, with the amount of lovely masks in the set - or you could have a pamper party! (Throw and invite my way wont you? haha.) You can purchase it from Glossier's website here.

Okay - So, Christmas list writing over, heres a list of my favourite products for enhancing natural beauty with a 'Natural' makeup look.

So I have a three-step attack to going 'Au Naturale' with my makeup. Brows and Lashes, Skin and Lips, and an essential step to ensure the next day your skin will still be looking peachy, Makeup removal!

1) Brows & Lashes
For me, the key to natural looking makeup is to enhance your eyes, and of course by perfecting your brows to frame the face. My favourite products at the moment are 'Lights Camera Splashes - Tarte' and 'Billion Dollar Brows - Brow Powder in Taupe'.

A couple of swipes of Tarte's waterproof mascara is all you need, it has great staying power, and doesn't go clumpy or flaky - enough to ensure a natural, not overly made-up look.

My ultimate brow go-to is this powder by Billion Dollar Brows. An important step for enhancing natural beauty is to frame the face by making sure brows are filled in. I really think that by only filling in brows and making sure skin is clean and moisturised, you can look fresh and fabulous with no need for anything else.

2) Skin & Lips
If I am having a good skin day, I will just use a small amount of Maybelline - Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Cool Rose. This primer works really well under light makeup to keep it set all day - but I find that I like to sometimes use it on its own to even out skin tone, without the need for adding foundation or powder - while letting my skin breathe!

To enhance lips - Too Faced Color Bomb in Never Enough Nude is a sure winner. A subtle nude colour, with the added benefit of plumping power.

3) Remove eye makeup carefully!
The Balm - Balms Away Eye Makeup Break-up
This product is ideal for removing stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner, without the need for scrubbing, which is obviously the last thing you want to do as eyelids are so delicate! Apply a small blob to the eyelid, and keeping it closed, gently massage the balm for a few seconds, then remove with a cotton pad. I then follow with my usual skincare routine, but adding this in as a first step really takes the hard work out of eye-makeup removal - even when your in a rush to just go to bed after a busy day!

Embrace your natural beauty!

Rachy xx

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