'I'm Not Hungover' Makeup in no-time

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I suffer from dreadful hangovers when I drink; every, single, time. But if I am feeling 'normal person hungover' i.e headachy and a bit rough - and I have somewhere to go, I will make sure I get as much sleep as possible..which is good for my headache but doesn't leave much time to do my makeup!

If I have the option, bed is the place to be all day, with pjs on and snacks closeby! Casper, a fun mattress brand share my love of a hangover snooze, but they have created a helpful hangover cure list If you need some advice, aspirin and hair-of-the-dog tips included! They asked me how I pull myself together after a long night out so here is my super quick routine that I use to make myself look human again in next-to-no-time.

First off, I always try to make sure to remember to remove my makeup before I go to bed! Even if its just with a makeup wipe, its best to go to sleep with clear skin if I can manage to..also not forgetting to drink as much water as possible before drifting off.

Overnight, skin will dry out anyway - but after a night of heavy drinking, I will be even more dehydrated than usual, so its even more important to moisturise. Just applying a good amount of moisturiser will give skin an instant lift, and I like to apply an eye roll on, it really helps reduce tell-tale puffy eyes! I received an Etre Belle 'Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On' in a Glossybox a couple of months ago, and its great for cooling and refreshing the eyes. (You could also use a cold teaspoon to hold over your eyes for a few seconds). 

The Perfect Face
I like to apply a quick layer of primer to help even out my inevitable blotchy-patchy skin. Next up is foundation - I like to use a fairly high coverage as my skin is usually looking dull and grey the morning after a few cocktails! Stila Stay all day Foundation is my ideal choice as a tiny bit goes a long way, but the coverage is really good without looking cakey (nothing worse!). If i'm unlucky enough and my dark under-eye circles are still visable, I will apply a small amount of concealer or foundation in a lighter shade (I like Illamasqua concealer) in a triangular shape below the eyes, pointing downwards, making sure I blend it in well! Finally, I will apply a small amount of a creamy light blusher to keep the skin looking dewy and fresh (and making sure there is still some colour on my face!).

I honestly believe that even if I did my eyebrows and nothing else, I would look 10 x more alive! You can see my daily brow routine in my previous post. I like to use a powder with a small angle brush, and dab a little highlighter underneath the brow to make my eyes appear more awake!

Since this is a quick 'get out of bed and out of the house in 15minutes' makeup routine, I wouldn't spend much time drawing attention to the eyes, especially since this is where my hangover is the most obvious! I tend to go with a thin slick of liquid eyeliner on the top lid, a couple of strokes of mascara and apply a light eyeliner on the lower lash line from the outside to two-thirds of the way across.

Bold Lips!
My final, and favourite step for my hangover makeup is to use a bright colour on my lips, as its ideal to draw attention away from tired red eyes, and can make you look instantly made-up like you haven't slept through 6 alarms.. A fresh red or coral colour is always a winner for me, I will then lock in the colour with Lipcote.

Tie up my hair (with the help of dry shampoo and a bit of backcombing for the reliable 'undone' look) and plaster a smile on my face and i'm ready to face the day! 

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  1. It’s unnecessary to worry about hangovers. I used to stop myself from drinking because I knew I would suffer the next morning. A co-worker suggested that I take detoxicated to ease my mornings, and it worked. I couldn’t believe it.