Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL-500 Review

Monday, July 11, 2016

Since the sun has started peeking through (occasionally) to hint that summer may be on the way (heres hoping) the timing couldn't be better to test out a juicer, and I was very excited to have been chosen to be an influencer for a Panasonic Slow Juicer party courtesy of Comeround UK & Panasonic UK.

I hosted a #panasonicslowjuicer party, which was a fantastic way of showing off the juicer, and a brilliant excuse to test out lots of different juice and sorbet combinations, yum!

Three of my favourite things about this juicer;

♥ Takes up hardly any countertop space, and it has a sleek design so will fit in nicely in the kitchen without looking bulky and out of place.

It has the functionality to create frozen sorbets and desserts, which makes it easy to create a healthy snack easily, without resorting to ice cream!

♥ Ideal for a busy lifestyle, since its very easy to clean and dismantle, and surprisingly quiet, not silent but no where near as noisy as i expected! Definitely a plus when wanting to make a breakfast juice without waking up the rest of the household..

The juicer is made up of one solid compact base, with separate attachments which make for easy and quick cleaning, one attachment for juicing which has a spout to extract the pulp and one which pours out the juice into the jug. The frozen attachment makes it easy to put frozen fruit in through the tube as you would a juice, but it comes out of the one spout.

The fruit needs to be chopped into manageable chunks (they don’t need to be tiny though, just small enough to fit into the tube) and of course large seeds and thick skins need to be removed beforehand.

Once the fruit has been added into the juicer I was surprised at just how clean and easy it was to use! The juicer provided absolutely no splashes or mess, it was so well contained within the compartments that the clean up was easier than i had expected.

Its obvious how much juice is extracted, as the pulp comes out almost dry, and the handy measures on the side of the jug show just how much juice you have made as you go along. One thing that did really impress me was how little the juices separated, even after standing for a while. 

Overall, the Panasonic Slow Juicer is a really impressive little kitchen gadget which is ideal for those wanting to inject some extra fruit and vegetables into their routine. The juices I created from this powerful machine were just as good as any I have tried from a smoothie/juice bar - and I can’t wait to spend some more time experimenting with ingredients!

Rachy x

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  1. Hey,
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